Our Story

Our first test session with essential oils from Florihana, a 1 lb block of beeswax, and some utensils we had around the house

It all started on a stovetop

Little Otter Skincare started in 2017 on our kitchen stove. After learning about Ayurvedic Medicine from a friend who is a former biotech clinical researcher and Ayurvedic formulator, I began researching the formulas behind luxury skincare lines and building my own apothecary of essential oils and solutions.

I tinkered with formulations over an improvised double boiler, borrowing my husband Chad’s Glencairn glasses and droppers, writing down measurements and mixtures, and upcycling jam jars and lip balm tubes to house a collection of natural and organic oils and balms.

Living in Atlanta, most weeks Chad and I put more miles on our bikes and walking than in our cars, but in our cleaner commutes we noticed a pattern of the pollution in the air and environment around us creating blemishes and problem spots across our faces.

So we began creating natural skincare products for ourselves — sourcing GC/MS tested, certified organic ingredients from a distillery in France and raw beeswax from a fourth generation beekeeper in Florida.

We shared our favorite formulas with our family and friends, wrapping up handwritten packages of face oil and lip balms last Christmas. When our favorite people began asking when and where they could buy their new favorite face oils and lip balms, Little Otter became more than just a hobby.

Our launch. Earth Day 2019.