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We love to share Little Otter Skincare's signature plastic-free lip balm and organic face serum with like-minded retailers via direct wholesale! We also offer point-of-sale counter displays, along with buy-in-bulk options for large private orders.

Please contact us at the bottom of this page to connect about setting up a wholesale account for your store or inquire about bulk ordering, and we'll get back to you quickly with a custom quote to fit your exact needs.

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What Our Retailers Say

"We were so excited when Little Otter contacted Daily about their lip balm. This product ticks every box for us — local, no plastic packaging, and a business that gives back to its community and environment. And their branding is so excellent! Customers immediately gravitated to the cute little cardboard tubes. We are looking forward to working with Little Otter more as they grow!"
—Kara Brown, General Manager, Daily Groceries Co-op (Athens, GA)

"We sold out of our first 200 in 2 days! Excited about this partnership!"
—Joe Spiccia, Grocery Sales Director, Fresh Harvest (Atlanta, GA)

"I have to say, your lip balm is my favorite ever. I'm a lip balm junkie, I have them in every room in the house, and yours is better than anything I've ever had."
—Alison Ables, Founder, Prelude & Dawn (Los Angeles, CA)

Our stockists span more than 40 states and two continents over a range of retailers — from boutique founders and farmers, to organic grocers and community co-ops, to holistic salons, hotels, CSA deliveries, eco-subscription boxes, independent bookstores, coffee shops, aquarium and museum gift shops, school stores, Fortune 500 offices, craft distilleries — and even a luxe dude ranch in Montana!

Bulk Buys for Celebrations & Gifts

We also offer our balms and serums in bulk to folks who love them for wedding favors and bridal parties, baby showers, gala gifts, teacher thank yous, staff gifts, birthday parties, custom gift sets, employee wellness and office boxes, and even simple and sustainable stocking stuffers and love gifts for friends, family, and colleagues. From bachelorette trips and small-footprint eco-weddings, to major industry awards galas and corporate work-from-home wellness kits, we are delighted to be a part of these special moments and celebrations.

Why "Little Otter"?

Otters are hard to beat. They’re quick and bright, warm and free — always on the go between oceans and rivers, forests and fields. They spend a third of each day taking care of their fur (#selfcaregoals), and another third foraging for food and playing in little otter romps, or families. As they bask and float and dream, they hold paws with their pups to keep from drifting apart.

As our co-founder Jess points out, they’re also great environmentalists! Sea otters are a keystone species, helping balance critical marine ecosystems. Little Otter also stands for clean water — today and every day, we donate 10% of net revenue (including on wholesale and bulk orders) to organizations and non-profits doing important work to protect our waterways and oceans.


What’s in your lip balm?

We hand make our lip balm in Atlanta, Georgia from just four natural and organic ingredients:

Natural Beeswax

Beeswax is a natural substance created by workers bees and used by female bees to build honeycomb cells of beehives. After honey is extracted, the wax honeycombs are used for items like natural candles and balms like ours. Beeswax is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and an antioxidant that is rich in Vitamin A and a natural skin moisturizer. Our beeswax comes from a family of beekeepers who rotate their hives seasonally between South Dakota and Florida.

Organic Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is an antioxidant that deeply soothes and hydrates skin. Sourced from fair trade farmers in Sri Lanka and the Philippines, our unrefined oil is made from the white inner fruit of coconuts that are dried, cold-pressed, and then centrifuged to remove fine proteins and clarify the oil.

Organic Peppermint Oil

From the lamiaceae family, peppermint is among the oldest and most continuously used medicinal plants. Rich in Vitamins A and C, omega-3 fatty acids, iron, magnesium, calcium, manganese and copper, peppermint sharpens mental focus, improves concentration and promotes circulation. The oil is antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic. We source our peppermint from France and India. 

Organic Rosemary Verbenone Oil

One of the "oils of protection," rosemary verbenone is a gentle plant, well-known for its regenerating and stimulating properties on the skin, hair, joints, nervous and respiratory systems. Used in teas to increase focus, its herbaceous scent clarifies. Our wild-harvested rosemary has a subtle sweetness, and comes from France and South Africa. 


Why plastic-free packaging?

Our paper-based tubes contain 50% more lip balm than conventional plastic tubes — they also hold up pretty well across backpacks and pockets and outdoor adventures. But the main reason we custom-designed our paper-board balm tubes back in 2019 was to provide a plastic-free lip balm option to consumers who care about reducing their carbon footprint and waste. Our balm tubes are 100% compostable, biodegradable, printed with soy-based ink, and can be composted or simply tossed into a garden bed to help build soil.


What is your "10% to Clean Water" model?

Now and every day, we donate 10% of our net revenue to non-profits doing clean water work, including Environment Georgia, Chattahoochee Riverkeeper, Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University, and more. Read about our beneficiaries, and learn more about our story, philosophy, and mission.


Tell me more about otters!

Otters are known for their sociability and importance to aquatic ecosystems, where they help keep species like sea urchins (which can devastate kelp forests) in check to ensure thriving oceans and waterways. Not to mention, otters are very active groomers, spending many hours of the day cleaning the fur on their faces with their paws.

Otters are lively animals and appear to engage in various behaviors for sheer enjoyment, such as making waterslides and then sliding down them with a splash. They may also find and play with small stones, and love to explore together in large "romps" and rest in "rafts" with their families and friends. They're also pretty cute.


Think your customers and loved ones will enjoy Little Otter? We do too. To talk about opening a wholesale account or placing a bulk order:

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