Clean Water Work

Snorkeling the Conasauga in Cherokee National Forest. Summer of 2017.

The Story Behind 10% for Clean Water


n 2017, Chad spent a few months processing everything we'd read and learned about the state of the environment. Truth be told, those few months had been somewhat gloomy. The magnitude of the problem seemed so overwhelming. But publications like This Changes Everything, The Ecology of Commerce, Half Earth, and Project Drawdown gave him renewed hope. (Here's a sustainability reading list we've put together for you.)

So he resolved to write down an ambitious goal — 10 M X 22 — helping ten million people find ways to reduce their carbon footprint by the year 2022.

As Little Otter coalesced out of Chad’s reading, Jess’s research, and long conversations had over walks through the hardwood forests of North Georgia and late nights in Atlanta, we realized we could help begin to transform an industry — create the Patagonia of high quality skincare, if you will — shifting the status quo from a plastic-centric, linear model based on quarterly earnings, to a sustainable circular model that understands that all things are intersectional and inner-related.

Less Plastic, More Purpose

Not only could we help effect enormous change by providing options for more sustainable skincare, we could also dedicate a portion of each sale to the organizations that work tirelessly day in & day out to keep our water clean and our wild places green.

Borrowing from the 1% for the Planet initiative, we devote 10% of Little Otter's annual net revenue** to organizations working tirelessly to keep our water clean and our wild places green. That's why you see 10% for Clean Water on every tube, bottle and box we make.

Seasonal Updates

Each season we update the organizations we're working with and what clean water work they're pursuing with our 10% of net revenue from each purchase.

Organization Clean Water Initiatives Read more Charity Navigator Score

Neighborhood Water Watch

Rainwater Harvest Education

River Cleanups

"Filling the Water Gap" 95.05 / 100
Environment Georgia

"Get the Lead Out" safe drinking water campaign

Clean Water Network liaison program for watersheds

EPA Clean Water funding and anti-giveaway lobbying

"Get the Lead Out"


    *We calculate Net Revenue by subtracting Cost of Goods Sold from Annual Sales; in other words, the total amount that we sell in a given time period, less the cost of producing the Little Otter product (product + packaging + filling costs).