Our Family

Kipper and Pimms Cup, our furry assistants

Small, but Mighty

We craft everything by hand with the finest attention to detail. We use our products every day and hope that they will likewise find a similar spot in your daily routine.

Chief Executive Otter

Jess Hunt-Ralston

Jess is a writer and photographer exploring equity, ecology, ethical consumerism and sustainability through stories, strategy, data and design. Jess is the founder of Where With Elle. She studied industrial design at Georgia Tech and now works in her alma mater's College of Sciences.

Chad likes mountains, so his photo includes mountains in the background
Chief Operations Otter

Chad Ralston

Chad is a writer, whiskey and college basketball enthusiast, and recently accepted the Bill Gates book challenge. Oh, and he really, really likes bees. He thinks a lot about regenerative agriculture, soil, history since the Agricultural Revolution, and Gonzaga basketball, although not necessarily in that order. Chad started using Little Otter a week after Jess did (we think).

Chief Marketing Otter

Taylor Rowell

Taylor Stormborn of the House Rowell, First of His Name, the Mixologist, Advocate of Sustainability and the First Otters, King of the Kitchen, Breaker of Gender Norms and Prince of Plants. Strong proponent of working with his fave cousins (we think).


Assistant Aromatics Otter


Kipper is fourteen (we think). Everyone thinks that he is a girl. He is a friend to all creatures and has the nose of a regal bloodhound. Along with discovering new scents on long walks, Kipper enjoys shredding papers for recycling and sunbathing. But not bathing.


Assistant Acquisition Otter

Pimms (Original No. 1) Cup

Pimms is a Min Pin Blue Heeler mix (we think). Everyone thinks that she is a boy. An experienced cuddler and armchair butterfly hunter, she is almost always hungry. Pimms enjoys attempting to break into the backyard compost pile and bounding through fern gullies.